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About us

As one of Indonesia’s economical locomotive, PT. Raja Indonesia Pratama Mas is one of private company which is establishing the business on food and beverages, property, and palm oil plantation.

Along with the business activities, RIPM recruited young talented workers who are in line with the value and principle of the company. With the good fundamental of corporate governance, RIPM able to join the competition in the globalization era.


Being a company that is able to take part on the local and foreign economies.


1. Being a company that creates high integrity of human resources by upholding profesionality and hard works.
2. Being a company that gives contribution to society and surrounds.


We conduct ourselve professionally at all times and in all circumstances


We are accountable to each other, our customers, our partners and our stakeholders


We are honest and forthright with customers, vendors, and partners


We take pride in everything we do and make